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  • Excerpt from xkcd: "Outreach" by Randall Munroe

How do I edit and contribute to this wiki?

What does my iGEM team need to do to become a part of this collaboration?

  • Contribute your ideas! For example, share a synthetic biology education curriculum, add a discussion topic to the "Ethics of Synthetic Biology" lesson plan, post a fun outreach activity, and/or suggest modifications to ideas that teams have posted.
  • Post pictures and videos of your team's outreach experiences in the "Multimedia" section.
  • Always credit your iGEM team in your posts, as follows: <Your school/ team name> iGEM <Year>

How do I comment on or suggest modifications to an outreach idea that another iGEM team has posted?

  • In the "Experience" section, post your bulleted comment (mentioning the step in the protocol, if necessary) and then refer to your iGEM team. (Ex: *We found that using colored toothpicks instead of pipe cleaners as legs in step #4 of Build-A-Bug made our insects more stable. Brown-Stanford iGEM 2011)