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Find a Roommate

This could be a good place to find somebody to share a room with if you are going to Vienna for the 3rd ISCB Student Council Symposium and ISMB/ECCB 2007.

Just post your gender, price range, arrival and departure dates and how you'd like to be contacted. If you know of a good hotel you may post this information here as well.

Sonia Pahwa

Gender: Female Price range Maximun 45 Euros per night 20th july to 25 july Email:


Please do not post in the ISCB Student Council Forum!

Anshu Bhardwaj

Gender: Female
Dates: July 21st to July 25th
Price: max. 50 Euro per night
Contact: (only females please)
(Atlas - The centre is within walking distance (5-10 mins). OR
Academia Saisonhotel - 6-8 minutes' walk.
These two Hotels listed on ISMB/ECCB 2007 website.
Open to suggestions)

Rajib Saha

Gender: male
Dates: July 21th to July 25th
Price: max. 50 Euro per night
(Any suitable hotel or dorm should be okay.)

Sarath Chandra Janga

Gender: male
Dates: July 20th to July 26th but any days in between would be fine
Price: max. 60 Euro per night
Contact: sarath at
(I dont have any proposals as yet but i am ready to hear any suggestions...)

Alexandr Goncearenco

Gender: male
Dates: July 18th (checkin) to July 25th (checkout)
Price: max. 50 Euro per night
(any suggestions are welcome)

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