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This is a temporary main page created by Hojung. Please feel free to improve the contents or email me (hojung.cho@gmail.com)for any suggestion

Notice to newby (useful links to get started!)


JHIBRG: Johns Hopkins Interdisciplinary Biomedical Research Group

  • Johns Hopkins Interdisciplinary Biomedical Research Group (JHIBRG) is a research discussion group composed of Johns Hopkins School of Medicine Korean graduate students and post doctoral researchers (alumni) who are actively involved in biomedical research and bioengineering. We seek to address fundamental questions about biological complexity in an interdisciplinary manner. We have biweekly meetings every other Thursdays (6 PM: Clark Hall room 110, Homewood campus and Ross room 1003, Medical campus).


  • Jungwhan will give a short presentation(Introduction of Dang Lab) at the BLSA Meeting (Jan 30 Tuesday), 6:30PM, 612 Physiology.
  • Kibem is finally back to Baltimore !!!

Meeting schedule

Past meetings



Mini-reviews and Perspectives


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Jungwhan Kim Kibem Kim Deok-Ho Kim Chang-Hun Lee SukYeon Hwang NamWoo Kim MiHyun Bae
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HyoEun Bhang HoJung Cho YoungTae Jeong HaWon Lee EunChai Kang JunHo Hur ChangHee Lee


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