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Molecular and Systems Biotechnology Lab @ UIUC

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  • Suk-Jin's manuscript on cofermentation of cellobiose and galactose has been accepted for publication in Applied and Environmental Microbiology.
  • Welcome Na Wei, a new postdoc in Jin Lab.
  • Jong-Hyun has passed a final exam for MS degree.
  • Many congratulations to our hard-working students who received FSHN annual graduate student merit awards:
    • Josh is a recipient of the Blanche Larson merit award
    • Qiaosi is a recipient of the Alice and Charlotte Biester merit award
    • Clarissa is a recipient of the Henry D. and Donna E. Strunk merit award
    • Soo Rin is a recipient of the Henry D. and Donna E. Strunk merit award
  • Suk-Jin's manuscript on xylose isomerase has been accepted for publication in Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology.
  • Dr. Hyo-Jin Kim from Texas A&M University joined.
  • Welcome new members! Eun-Joong Oh and Panchalee Pathanibul have joined.
  • Stories about our papers on co-fermentation have been introduced in media websites. UIUC News Bureau,The News-Gazette, msnbc.com, PNAS Media Selections

News Archive 2010

  • A interesting news article on Suk-Chae's paper has been published in Biotechniques. News link
  • Many congratulations to Suk-Jin. Dr.Ha's manuscript has been accepted for publication in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
  • Ki-Sung's manuscript on improved galactose fermentation through inverse metabolic engineering has been accepted for publication in Biotechnology and Bioengineering.
  • Soo Rin's manuscript on xylose fermenation has been accepted for publication in Journal of Biotechnology.
  • Soo Rin passed her qualifying exam on September 10.
  • Qiaosi Wei from China joined our lab. Welcome Qiaosi!
  • Prof. Tae-Jip Kim from Chungbuk National Univeristy in Korea will stay with us for a year as a visiting professor.
  • Clarrisa Koga from University of Hawaii will join our lab as of August 2, 2010. Welcome Clarrisa.
  • Suk-Chae's manuscript on improved grwoth phenotypes of E .coli has been accepted for publication in Appled Environmental Microbiology. Many congratulations to Suk-Chae. News release Article
  • Min-Eui's manuscript on ethanol tolerance has been accepted for publication in Journal of Biotechnology. Keep up the good work! Study finds genes that may benefit ethanol, isobutnaol makers., New Yeast With High Alcohol Tolerance Could Improve Biofuel Production
  • Josh have visited Seoul National University.
  • Soo Rin has been selected as a recipient of Blanche Larson merit award in the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition.
  • Congratulations! Soo Rin received a first place poster prize from the competition of poster prestations at the 2010 IGB Fellows Symposium.
  • Josh gave an oral presentation on optimal strain design through computing elementary flux modes at the 2010 IGB Fellows Symposium.
  • Soo Rin gave an oral presenation on identification of genes conferring resistance to Zinc oxide nanoparticles at the FSHN Graduate Student Symposium 2010.
  • Good news: Josh Quarterman was selected as a participant of 2010 NSF EAPSI Program. He is going to visit Seoul National Univesity from June to August, 2010.
  • Congratulations! Eric Salm passed an oral qualifying exam.

News Archive 2009

  • Dr. Jin-Ho Choi joined our lab (March 16, 2009).
  • Dr. Suk-Jin Ha joined our lab (April 3, 2009).
  • Eric Salm joined our lab (June 16, 2009).
  • Cheers! Dr. Jin-Ho Choi received a postdoctoral fellowship from Korea Research Foundation.
  • Prof. Yong-Su Jin recieved a UIUC/NCSA faculty fellowship from National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA). NCSA news
  • Seok-Chae Jung from Sungkyunkwan University joined our lab as a visiting student (July 10, 2009).
  • Welcome Jong-Hyun Lee, another alumni of Korea University in our lab. (August 11, 2009).
  • Josh Quarterman from the Gerogia Institute of Technology joined. (August 24, 2009).
  • Dr. Won-Heong Lee from Seoul National Univeristy joined as a visiting fellow (Sepember 28, 2009).

News Archive 2008


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