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<h3><font style="color:#000;">Student Journal Club</font></h3>
<h3><font style="color:#000;">Student Journal Club</font></h3>
<b>Organized this term by John</b>

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Group meeting

Plant group meeting on Wednesdays at 4 PM in 6.22.

date and speaker

19-Jun Lorna + Amani

26-Jun Tracy

3-Jul Ramona + Saqer

10-Jul Sunitha + Steven Y

17-Jul Waleed + Phil D

24-Jul Ruben + Steven D

31-Jul Masters Seminar (Ryoko, Dan, Tim, Osi)

7-Aug Masters Seminar (Nuhu, Chimya, Andreas)

14-Aug John and Stuart

24-Jul Phil M

21-Aug Andy + Wael

28-Aug Patty + Simon

4-Sep Uli


18-Sep Bandar + ?

25-Sep Matt

Up next:


Student Journal Club

Organized this term by John

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