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(lab rotation)
(lab rotation)
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''March 23rd :'' [[SindenLab:Homepage|Sinden]]/[[Billker]] labs<br>
''March 23rd :'' [[SindenLab:Homepage|Sinden]]/[[Billker]] labs<br>
''March 30th :'' [[Kafatos:Kafatos/Christophides Lab|Kafatos/Christophides]] labs<br>
''March 30th :'' [[Kafatos:Kafatos/Christophides Lab|Kafatos/Christophides]] labs<br>
''April 6th :'' Dallman lab<br>
''April 6th :'' Good friday - no beersession<br>
''April 13th :'' Good friday - no beersession<br>
''April 13th :'' easter - no beersession<br>
''April 20th :'' Davis lab<br>
''April 20th :'' Dallman lab<br>
''April 27th :'' [[SindenLab:Homepage|Sinden]]/[[Billker]] labs<br>
''April 27th :'' Davis lab<br>
''May 4th :'' [[Kafatos:Kafatos/Christophides Lab|Kafatos/Christophides]] labs<br>
''May 4th :'' [[SindenLab:Homepage|Sinden]]/[[Billker]] labs<br>
''May 11th :'' Dallman lab<br>
''May 11th :''[[Kafatos:Kafatos/Christophides Lab|Kafatos/Christophides]] labs <br>
''May 18th :'' Davis lab<br>
''May 18th :'' Dallman lab<br>
''May 25th :'' [[SindenLab:Homepage|Sinden]]/[[Billker]] labs<br>
''May 25th :'' Davis labs<br>
''June 1st :''[[Kafatos:Kafatos/Christophides Lab|Kafatos/Christophides]] labs<br>
''June 1st :''[[SindenLab:Homepage|Sinden]]/[[Billker]] labs<br>
''June 8th :''[[Kafatos:Kafatos/Christophides Lab|Kafatos/Christophides]] labs<br>

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The content below is most likely out of date. We also have a new lean and mean openwetware area.

15th SAF BeerSession

Food is free (fist come, first serve), beers & wine at cost of sale.
Open to all labs in the SAF building - however people from labs not on the organizing rotation pay double for the beer

4th floor roundtable
Friday 2nd February 5:15 pm until...

lab rotation

December 1st :
December 8th : cancelled because of Christmas party
December 15th : Davis lab
December 22nd : Kafatos/Christophides labs
December 29th : holidays
January 12th : Davis lab
January 19th : Sinden/Billker labs
Janury 26th : Kafatos/Christophides labs
February 2nd : Dallman lab
February 9th : Davis lab
February 16th : Sinden/Billker labs
February 23rd : Kafatos/Christophides labs
March 2nd : postponed due to skiiing holiday
March 9th : Dallman Lab
March 16th : Davis lab
March 23rd : Sinden/Billker labs
March 30th : Kafatos/Christophides labs
April 6th : Good friday - no beersession
April 13th : easter - no beersession
April 20th : Dallman lab
April 27th : Davis lab
May 4th : Sinden/Billker labs
May 11th :Kafatos/Christophides labs
May 18th : Dallman lab
May 25th : Davis labs
June 1st :Sinden/Billker labs
June 8th :Kafatos/Christophides labs

How to's

first: Get your lab on the rotation schedule and provide a contact person.

then: enjoy beer every Friday.

when it's your lab's turn:
  • Get 1-2 labmembers to help you organize beer (and food), but take the time required for cooling into account.  :)
delivery service suggestions: Ocado - order by Wednesday morning at the latest to secure timely delivery!!
  • You get to charge for beer & wine. We suggest you keep the money in a safe place for your lab's next turn. You should not have to spent more than 50 pounds on food. Especially if you are in a smaller lab, though, it is left entirely up to you how much you want to spend and 'just' crips and beer are perfectly acceptable.
  • How you raise the money is up to you. Collections can be made from labmembers, grants can be used or you can plead with or blackmail your groupleader.
  • We would recommend you to put up a poster on Friday morning to remind people of the when, where and what and to show off your witty humor. (submit it to the poster gallery or email it to me, if you want to)
  • Still have questions? Drop me a line or just drop by next Friday.

List of cool labs and cool people (contact people)

Davis lab : Marco Purbhoo (marco.purbhoo[AT]imperial.ac.uk); Phillip; Steffi
Kafatos/Christophides labs : Stephan, Michael, Timm, Bob, Jo
Sinden/Billker labs : Bec, Rob, Rita, Becca Stanway (rebecca.stanway[AT]imperial.ac.uk)
Dallman lab : Charlie Ellis
NMR guys: Marc Dumas (m.dumas[AT]imperial.ac.uk)
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