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==Lab duties==  
==Lab duties until January==  
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| Safety
| Safety

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Lab duties until January

Safety Michael
Giemsa bench / Injection / Infection room Wednesday Insectary Duty
Wiki / lab page Bob
Cell culture room Kristin/Mike
competent cells Stephan/ Ellen
Computers / IT / Softwares Tasos/Rob/Stephan
Cold room Toni
Freezer Sofia
Antibodies Kristin
Microarray consumables Amanda/Dina
Microscopes Mike
pH meter Kristin
Chemicals / Electrophoresis Anna
Mice orders / common stocks Dina/Tib
Insectary Tib/George
Tris buffers / Autoclaved H2O Toni/Sofia
LB and LB plates Tasos
10xPBS / 5x Loading Buffer / molecular markers (1kb & 1kb+) Anna
Autoclave glassware, tip boxes, eppendorfs Jo/Ellen/Timm/Fanny
P1, P2, P3 Miniprep Buffers, 5x TBE Sofia

missing duties:

old rotation:

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