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[[Kafatos/Christophides Lab|back]]<br><br>
[[kafatos:Kafatos/Christophides Lab|back]]<br><br>

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About the Lab

  • December 2005: IC press release: Kafatos to chair ERC (html)
  • December 2005: IC press release: Mosquito mission - hunting for the genetic key to wiping out malaria (html)
  • April 2005: EMBL Etcetera Newsletter: From insect immunity to science and society: An interview with outgoing Director-General Fotis C. Kafatos (html)
  • March 2004: SABC News: Mozzies against malaria (html)
  • March 2004: Medical News Today: Mosquitoes vs. malaria: How we can win the fight (html)
  • March 2004: Science and Development Network: Protecting mosquitos offers path to malaria control (html)
  • March 2004: EMBL press release: Mosquitoes vs. Malaria: How we can win the fight (html/pdf)
  • January 2004: EMBL press release: A leading example of innovation in European Science (html/pdf)
  • December 2003: 'The Scientist' interviewing Fotis Kafatos (html)
  • October 2002: EMBL press release: Scientists decode genomes of mosquito and malaria parasite (pdf)

About Malaria

  • Malaria: It's Simply Unacceptable (a video produced for release on Africa Malaria Day 2003 with support from The Medicine For Malaria Venture (MMV), the Roll Back Malaria Program of the World Health Organization (WHO), and Novartis.)
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