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(Professional and technical staff)
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[[Kafatos:Povelones, Michael|Michael Povelones, PhD]]<br>
[[Kafatos:Povelones, Michael|Michael Povelones, PhD]]<br>
[[Kafatos:Gendrin, Mathilde|Mathilde Gendrin, PhD]]<br>
[[Kafatos:Gendrin, Mathilde|Mathilde Gendrin, PhD]]<br>
[[Kafatos:Emami, Noushin|Noushin Emami, PhD]]<br>
===Professional and technical staff===
===Professional and technical staff===

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Heads of the Laboratory

Fotis C. Kafatos, Professor, Chair of Immunogenomics
George K.Christophides, Professor, Chair of Infectious Diseases and Immunity

Research Fellow

Dina Vlachou, PhD

MRC Career Development Fellow

Mara Lawniczak, PhD

Post-doctoral fellows

Janet Midega, PhD
Michael Povelones, PhD
Mathilde Gendrin, PhD
Noushin Emami, PhD

Professional and technical staff

Tibebu Habtewold, PhD (Post doctoral fellow/Insectary supervisor)
Robert MacCallum, PhD (VectorBase Developer)
Katarzyna Sala, (Technician)

PhD students

Lavanya Bhagavatula
Leanna Upton

Visiting Researchers

Jo Waldock

Project Students

Jee-sun Cho
Chiamaka (Valerie) Ukegbu
Katerina (Kate) Othonos

Everyone above this line is expected to take part in Lab Meetings.

Writing up PhD students

Stavros Stathopoulos

Adding a new member

See Template:Kafatos_New_User.

Lab Alumni & previous visitors/students


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