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*[ Inventory MSB]  
*[ Inventory MSB]  
*[ Cell Line MSB]
*[ Cell Line MSB]
* [[ idtdna]]

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  • To order anything please fill out the order sheets which can be accessed from the Chemical Inventory computer (Rm 970) and the UV-Vis computer (Rm 1250).
    • There are two Excel files on the desktop named “Medstore Orders” and “Barb Orders”. All you have to do is open the relevant file, fill in the details, save and close the file.
    • Lab Manager and Group Administrator will take care of the orders. All ordering will be done on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the end of the day.
    • For the list of the items available in Medstore see UofT Medstore.
    • Emergency orders can be made by borrowing a credit card from Group Administrator.
  • If you receive a package, please take it to the Group Administrator FIRST and look for storage conditions on labels; handle it accordingly, and diligently inform the addressee.

Inventory Lists


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