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The Kemp Lab

Redox Systems Biology at Georgia Tech

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How do cells transmit information, and how do internal and external environments control this transmission? Our lab is interested in addressing how oxidative extracellular environments (such as those found in inflammation) and intracellular oxidation (initiated by receptor ligation) influence the ability of cells to signal properly. We are investigating the temporal control of proteins thiol modifications due to oxidation through a strong synergy between computational and experimental methods. We use computational modeling techniques to study how signaling networks may be regulated by changes in protein activities due to thiol modifications arising from intra- or extracellularly produced reactive oxygen species. Experimentally, we are developing novel high-throughput biochemical assays to detect and quantify the glutathionylation and oxidation of proteins.

We are located in the Wallace H. Coulter Department of Biomedical Engineering administered jointly between Georgia Tech and Emory University School of Medicine. The lab is physically located on the Georgia Tech campus in the Petit Institute for Bioengineering and Bioscience.

Kemp lab on the quad, April 2008.

From left to right: John Vaughns, Ted Chen, Abby Hill, Catherine Rivet, Shreya Shukla, Melissa Kemp, Nnenna Adimora, Karen Shih

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