Kevin Matthew McKay Week 8

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  • assignment
  • user:Kevin Matthew McKay
  • 6b: Hour 1: x y z all black; Hour 3: x very dim red, y dim red, z very dim red; Hour 5: x black, y black/bit of green, z black/bit of red; Hour 9: x dark green, y bright green, z black/bit of red.
  • 7: Hour 1 they were all transcribed equally. Hour 3, gene x and z were similarly transcribed. Hour 5, genes x and y were similarly transcribed. Hour 9, none of them were really similarly transcribed.
  • 9: At the first time point, oxygen level was normal, so transcription of genes x y and z was the same, giving the yellow color. As oxygen was depleted over time, the transcription of genes x y and z differed. They responded differently to a loss of oxygen.
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