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<!--Start of individual cell details for the second row-->
<!--Start of individual cell details for the second row-->
|width="175"|'''Radu Reit''' <br> <br> Georgia Tech.
|width="175"|'''Radu Reit''' <br> <br> Georgia Institute of Technology
|width="175"|'''Elsa Mesfin'''  <br> <br> SCCC
|width="175"|'''Elsa Mesfin'''  <br> <br> Seattle Central Community College
|width="175"|'''Jinah Jang'''  <br> <br> POSTECH
|width="175"|'''Jinah Jang'''  <br> <br> POSTECH

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Principal Investigator

Deok-Ho Kim, PhD
Assistant Professor
Department of Bioengineering
Center for Cardiovascular Biology
Institute of Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine
Center for Nanotechnology

University of Washington
Box 355061, Seattle, WA 98195
CV Citation

Postdoctoral Scholars

Hyun Jung Lee
Hee Seok Yang

Graduate Students

Alex Jiao

NIH Bioengineering Cardiovascular Training Grant Fellow
Jesse Macadangdang
Austin Lee

Undergraduate Students

David Frolov
Brian Biccum
Daniel Carson
Leah Yablok
Derek Britain

Mary Gate Scholar
NASA Scholar
Julie Antetomaso
Nicole Trosper

Mary Gate Scholar
Nicholas Neal
Cameron Nemeth

Mary Gate Scholar
Daniel Lih

Research Scientists​/Specialis​ts

Katya Nagornyak
Research Scientist
Melissa Walzer
Lab Manager
Justin Lee
Research Scientist

Visiting Scholars

Radu Reit
Georgia Institute of Technology
Elsa Mesfin
Seattle Central Community College
Jinah Jang

Former Group Members

  • Min-Sung Kim, PhD candidate at Seoul National University
  • Yung-Hsin Cheng, PhD candidate at National Taiwan University
  • Kady Lee, Undergraduate student at Johns Hopkins University
  • Sung Hoon Lee, Visiting graduate Student, Seoul National University
  • Eunmi Hur, Undergraduate student at Johns Hopkins University
  • Inzer Ni, Undergraduate student at Johns Hopkins University
  • Rachel Park, Undergraduate student at Johns Hopkins University
  • Peter Kim, Undergraduate student at Johns Hopkins University
  • Sook Hee Koo, Visiting graduate Student, KAIST
  • Krystal Viktoria, Student at Seattle Central Community College.
  • Alexander Yuan, High school student at Oregon Episcopal School.
  • Nevin Ramanujan, Undergraduate student at Duke University.

Faculty Collaborators

  • Prof. Charles Murry, University of Washington
  • Prof. Kahp-Yang Suh, Seoul National University
  • Prof. Michael Regnier, University of Washington
  • Prof. Michael Laflamme, University of Washington
  • Prof. Yu Sun, University of Toronto
  • Prof. Morayma Reyes, University of Washington
  • Prof. Suzie Pun, University of Washington
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