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The Klinke Lab @ West Virginia University

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Principal Investigator

David J. Klinke II, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Microbiology, Immunology, and Cell Biology

Research Staff

Wentao Deng
Research Associate
Ph.D. Biochem 2004
University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB)
Emily Chambers
Research Technician
M.S. WVU 2010

Graduate Students

Yueting Wu
M.S. Biochem Eng 2006
Ph.D. ChE Expected Dec 2015
Jacob Kaiser
M.S. MICB Expected Dec 2013
Christina Byrne-Hoffman
Ph.D. Pharma Sci Expected Aug 2015

Undergraduate Students

Alex Abrahamian
B.S. Physics WVU 2016
Vanessa Cuppett
B.S. CHE WVU 2015
Melissa Hernandez
B.S. CHE WVU 2016


Jacob Kaiser
M.S. BMS WVU 2014
Nicholas Horvath
B.S. CHE WVU 2014 - Now Cornell Univ.
Nathan Mickinac
B.S. CHE May 2014 - Now Emory SOM
Molly Callaghan
B.S. CHE May 2015
Yogesh Kulkarni, Ph.D.
Post-doctoral Fellow - Now Asst. Prof Hampton University
Shannon Gribbons
B.S. CHE WVU 2012
Jason Ware
B.S. CHE WVU 2012
Thomas Athey
B.S. CHE May 2012
Vivian Suarez
M.S. CHE Dec 2010
Huanling Liu
M.S. CHE Aug 2010
Lucas Ellis
B.S. CalPoly 2008,
Ph.D. Candidate University of Colorado, Boulder
Zack Schwertfeger
B.S. CHE WVU 2008,
Jacobs Engineering
Stacey D. Finley
Ph.D. CHE Northwestern Univ 2009,
Asst Prof BME University of Southern California
Robin Glebes
B.S. CHE WVU 2007,
United States Army
Tirzah Mills Glebes
B.S. CHE WVU 2007,
Ph.D. graduate University of Colorado, Boulder
N.S.F. Graduate Research Fellow
Deepti Gupta
B.S. BME Northwestern Univ 2008,
Northwestern University Medical School
Joseph Widmeyer
B.S. CHE WVU May 2010
Jennifer Knipe
B.S. CHE WVU May 2010,
Graduate school: University of Texas, Austin
N.S.F. Graduate Research Fellow
Ning Cheng
M.S. CHE WVU May 2010,
Research Technician, University of South Alabama
Priyanka Dixit
M.S. CHE August 2010
Kristen Kief
B.S. ChE May 2011
Sarah Lazur
B.S. ChE May 2012

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