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Electrophoresis permits assessment of RNA by size and amount. In general, electrophoresis of RNA is done as a step prior to Northern analysis. However, this protocol is for visualizing the RNA in the gel.


  • 10X BPTE electrophoresis buffer
  • SYBR Gold
  • HPLC grade or better DMSO
  • Glyoxal
    • Commercially available stock solutions of glyoxal contain both hydrated forms of glyoxal and oxidation products that can degrade RNA. These must be removed.
  • Glyoxal reaction mixture (divide into small aliquots and store at -70°C)
    • 6mL DMSO
    • 2mL deionized glyoxal
    • 1.2mL of 10X BPTE electrophoresis buffer
    • 0.6mL of 80% glycerol




  1. Molecular Cloning [MolecularCloning]
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