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This is a page that highlights all of Anthony's public talks and some for a closed audience. The oldest presentations are at the bottom. For other presentations not included on this page go to:
Anthony's Slideshare


Candidacy Exam Final and Practice

Osley Lab Talk 8/21/09

I adapted my Bio prep of SDM talk to give a talk to the Osley Lab. Basically I took out the ridiculous baby talk that I would give to non-biologists and added information on how tweezers work, what our progress with the Tweezers are, and some of Larry's work (for the newbies).

Bio Prep of SDM

This was the talk I gave at the first KochLab symposium, an all day event of talks given to and for KochLab members.

SDM for Nano Cafe 2/12/09

Once a year I present to the NSMS audience in an informal setting known as the Nano Cafe. This presentation is about the beginnings of SDM (Shotgun DNA Mapping).

Pitch to Kelly about Telomeres

I made this quick presentation to highlight to Kelly some ideas about how I think telomere research could play in OT unzipping.

Joy of Koching 6/13/08 for NSMS Advisory Board

I gave this talk to an audience of 3 but saved to webcam somewhere. It was a practice talk for the NSMS Adivsory Board. I was not selected to talk in front of the Advisory Board.

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