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We can use this set of pages for Caleb's open research project which is generally related to using MediaWiki for open science applications. This page was created on December 31, 2008, and we'll try to fill it in over the following weeks.

We're going to use DPL Goals as part of organizing the project. See User:Cmorse/Tasks and goals.

Possible projects

  • working out a system for secure email to wiki
  • A feature to enable word clouds from the wiki data base. For example, wordles of user contributions would be really fun and probably increase interest in OWW.
  • A system to make categories much easier in MW. So it can become more like tagging in other Web 2.0 sites
  • A system for easily linking to permalinks of specific protocols (for lab notebook purposes).
  • "Auto save" for pages. One option is a new button called "Save and continue editing," which would work like the preview button, but would actually save a version.
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