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June 2014
The Kreeger and Masters' labs were awarded a joint NSF grant to study the impact of microenvironmental cues on angiogenesis in tissue engineering.

June 2014
Dr. Kreeger was named a Young Innovator by Cellular and Molecular Bioengineering.

May 2014
Congratulations to Lauren Stopfer for winning a Hilldale Undergraduate Research Fellowship.

November 2013
Congratulations to Anthony Berger, Molly Carroll, and Chloe Kim for passing their BME qualifying exams.

Dawn Tian received a Vilas Conference Presentation Award for her recent presentation at BMES entitled 'Computational Model of IGF1R Signaling Dynamics in Ovarian Cancer Cells.'

Dr. Kreeger was named an Emerging Investigator by Chemical Communications.

August 2013
The Kreeger lab has moved into its new lab space on the 3rd floor of ECB!

April 2013
Congratulations to Olivia Rice for winning a Hilldale Undergraduate Research Fellowship.

March 2013
Congratulations to Anthony Berger and Molly Carroll for winning NSF GRFP fellowships.


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