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Luria-Bertani Medium (aka L-Broth or LB Medium). Standard growth medium for a variety of bacteria and conditions.


  1. 10 g Bacto-tryptone
  2. 5 g yeast extract
  3. 10 g NaCl


  1. Mix dry ingredients and add distilled water up to 1 Liter
  2. Pour into 2 L flask (or greater)
  3. Autoclave (liquid cycle)
    • 250°F, 22psi, 30 minutes

Notes: We do not pH medium when we make it on the fly. However, if it is really important, pH the medium to 7.0 with 5M NaOH. We usually obtain this from the kitchen.


Adapted From:

J. Sambrook, D.W. Russell, Molecular Cloning: A Laboratory Manual (Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, New York, ed. 3, 2001) pg. A2.2

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