Library Construction Strain Box 1

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All in MC4100, pSB1A2 unless otherwise specified.

1 ........ ........
11 CW25553 pJAT8 BL21(DE3) pLysS I13401 I13401 (4A2) I13401 (2K3) I13401 (3K3)
21 I13402 (2K3) I13403 (1AK3) I13404 I13405 I13407 I13408
31 I13410 (1AK3) I13412 I13413
51 I0500 (2K3) I6300 (DH5a) I6301 Q04400 (2K3) I15015 I15016 I15017
61 I13404 (DH5a) I13405 (DH5a) I13450 (1A3) I13452 (1A3)
71 I13500 I13502 I13503 I13504 I13505
Number of Transformations
Reagents15 (6X)10 (11X)
PEG 3500 50% w/v240 µl1440 µl2640 µl
LiAc 1.0 M36 µl216 µl396 µl
Boiled SS-carrier DNA50 µl300 µl550 µl
Plasmid DNA plus Water34 µl204 µl374 µl
Total360 µl2160 µl3960 µl


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