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This page contains the source code for some of the bioinformatics scripts used by the Liston Lab. Most of the scripts are writen in Python 2.6.4 and are designed for Unix systems. The scripts must be compiled useing a Python compilier in the following format:

   python [modifiers] <Arguments>. 

For example, in order to run the script one could enter the following into an unix shell:

   python -c -v ../myQualFile.qual ../myMumFile

This would complile and run the script with the modifiers -c and -v, useing myQualFile.qual and myMumFile as arguments. All of the scripts save their output in a file in the current working directory, with a name usually composed of some combination of the arguments and the name of the script. However, one can save the output anywhere, under any name, useing the following technique:

   python -c -v ../myQualFile.qual ../myMumFile > ../myOutput.ext

The order in which the modifiers are given is not important, however, the order of the required arguments is important. For Example the above modifiers could be entered in the oppisite order (-v -c), but the two file paths need to be in a predetermined order. Every Script has a discription of what it does and how/when to use it in its source code. The list all the modifiers that the script supports and hat they do is also included. A similiar help menu can be viewed by calling the script with no arguments. For example, typing the following,


would cause a help menu to be printed to the screen.

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