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[[Image:IGEM_Mexico_GSPi.png|Graphical SPi Representation]]
[[Image:IGEM_Mexico_GSPi.png|Graphical SPi Representation]]

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Graphical Stochastic π Calculus model for iGEM Mexico 2007 Oscillator

The motivation for use Stochastic π Calculus for modeling our constructions is based in the advantages that present this formal lenguage against the ordinary differential equations (ODE's). There are many papers that describe this advantages, escentially I used it because is a different approach to model biological systems, a very interesting approach!.

I have learned SPi alone without any supervision, and my models has not to be necessary corrects. I hope that you can undestand my situation.

This is the representation with logic gates

Logic Gates

Now the model in Graphical Stochastic π Calculus Representation

Graphical SPi Representation

Once i had the model, i simulated it in the Stochastic Pi Machine, (Andrew Phillips) and I will present the result soon.

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