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Click on the arrow atop each column to resort the table.

NameE-mailClassLabUG Inst.UG MajorThesisPersonal pageDefendedCurrently
Sabrina Spencerspencers@mit.edu2004Peter SorgerThe George Washington UnivBiology & French LiteratureCell-to-cell variability in apoptosiswebsiteMay, 2009Postdoc at Stanford Univ
Lawrence Davidldavid@mit.edu2005Eric AlmColumbia Univ.Biomedical Eng.Microbial genome dynamicsblog-
Michelle Chanmchan@mit.edu2007Aviv RegevUniversity of British ColumbiaComputer Science & MicrobiologyEvolution of Transcriptional Modules in Yeast--
Christoph Engertchristoph@mit.edu2008Alexander van OudenaardenHeidelberg University (GER)Mol. Biotech.Physics of Worm Development (Working Title)more...-
Albert W. Chengawcheng@mit.edu2007Chris Burge;Rudolf JaenischHong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST)BiochemistryGene regulation during early embryogenesis and somatic cell reprogramminghomepage-
Emily Miraldiemiraldi@mit.edu2006Forest WhiteOberlin CollegeBiochemistryNetwork level analysis of hepatic insulin signaling under high fat diet stress-
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