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==Graduate Students==
==Graduate Students==
*Nicolas Denervaud
*Nicolas Denervaud
*Sylvie Rockel
*Sylvie Rockel
*Arun Rajkumar
*Arun Rajkumar

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Principal Investigator


  • Tamina Sissoko


  • Marcel Geertz (Shore Lab, U. Geneva)

Graduate Students

  • Nicolas Denervaud

  • Sylvie Rockel

  • Arun Rajkumar

Co-advised and Collaborating Students

  • Meltem Elitas (McKinney Lab, EPFL)
  • Lina Huang (Martin Lab, EPFL)
  • Alina Isakova (Deplancke Lab, EPFL)
  • Bin He (Kreitman Lab, U. Chicago)

Masters Students


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