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<h3><font style="color:#F8B603;">Publications</font></h3>
<h3><font style="color:#F8B603;">Publications</font></h3>
#Jimenez-Gomez-2009 pmid=19465891
#Schwartz-2009 pmid=19652183
#Jimenez-Gomez-2009 pmid=19575805
#Balasubramanian-2009 pmid=19183806
#Covington-2008 pmid=18710561
#Filiault-2008 pmid=18287016
#Filiault-2008 pmid=18287016
#Weinig-2008 pmid=17300427
#Weinig-2008 pmid=17300427

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University of California Davis
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