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Room 2115
Section of Plant Biology
1002 Life Sciences, One Shields Ave.
University of California Davis
Davis, CA 95616


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Contact Info

  • Susan Bush
  • post-doc
  • University of California Davis
  • 1 Shields Avenue
  • Davis, CA, USA.
  • Email:

I am a postdoctoral researcher of Dr. Salomé Prat group at the National Center of Biotechnology (Madrid, Spain) where I work in a project related to the control of cell elongation: cross-talk regulation of clock, hormonal and light signalling pathways. I am a visiting scholar at the University of California Davis to study the diurnal growth rates of mutant Arabidopsis lines.


  • 2011 Ph.D. in Plant Breeding and Plant Genetics from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Advisor: Patrick J. Krysan.
  • 2004 B.A. in Biology from Macalester College, St. Paul, MN. Advisor: Paul J. Overvoorde.


  • Su S, Clark KA, Gibbs NM, Bush SM, Krysan PJ (2011) Ice-Cap: A Method for Growing Arabidopsis and Tomato Plants in 96-well Plates for High-Throughput Genotyping. Journal of Visual Experiments 57: e3280, DOI: 10.3791/3280.
  • Bush SM, Krysan PJ (2010) iTILLING: A personalized approach to the identification of mutations in specialized genetic backgrounds. Plant Physiology 154: 25-35.
  • Bush SM, Krysan PJ (2007) Mutational evidence that the Arabidopsis MAP kinase MPK6 is involved in anth¬er, inflorescence, and embryo development. Journal of Experimental Botany 58: 2181-2191.
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