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(Matsudaira Lab Administrators)
(Matsudaira Lab Administrators)
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=== Administrative Assistant ===
=== Administrative Assistant ===
• [[User:keegan|Erin Keegan]]<br>
• [[User:keegan|Erin Keegan]]<br>
Erin handles general administrative duties for the lab. She is the one to talk to if you want to schedule a meeting with Paul. <br>
+ <br>
Phone: 617.258.9772
Phone: 617.258.9772
=== Financial Administrator ===
=== Financial Administrator ===
• [[User:canel|Tom Canel]]<br>
• [[User:mukerjee|Sreemoti Mukerjee-Roy]]
Tom handles the lab finances. He is the one to talk to when you need $$. <br>
+ <br>
Phone: 617.258
Phone: 617.258.7137
===Lab Alumni===
===Lab Alumni===

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Matsudaira Lab Administrators

Administrative Assistant

Erin Keegan
Phone: 617.258.9772

Financial Administrator

Sreemoti Mukerjee-Roy
Phone: 617.258.7137

Lab Alumni

Kevin Abbey (email: not available) Technical Assistant

Aram Adourian (email: not available) Research Scientist

Ahmed Ait-Ghezala ( Research Assistant

Petros Boufounos ( Research Assistant

Scott Buonocore ( BioMEMS Project Manager

Laura Calkins ( Technical Assistant

Loucinda Carey ( Technical Associate

Steve Carson (email: not available) Research Scientist

Jeff Chiou ( Research Assistant

Daniel Chisholm (email: not available) Technical Assistant

Ivan Correia ( Postdoctoral Associate

Sung Choe ( Postdoctoral Associate

Donald Chu ( Technical Assistant

Samantha Desmarais ( Technical Assistant

Don S. Doering ( Graduate Student

Anna Dunavin (

Julie Ellis (

Matthew Footer ( Technical Associate

Stephen Hattan ( Postdoctoral Associate

Anya Goodman ( Graduate Student

Lance Koutny ( Research Scientist

Alex Knight ( Postdoctoral Fellow

Olga Krasavina ( Technical Associate

Lewyn Li ( Visiting Graduate Student

Chit-Kwan Lin ( Undergraduate Assistant

Manway Liu ( Graduate Student

Luba Mitnik-Gankin (lmitnik/ Research Scientist

Vik Mukherjee (email: not available) UROP

Mark Novotny ( Technical Associate

Itay Rousso ( Visiting Scientist

Matthew Sandoval ( Undergraduate Assistant

Oscar Salas-Solano (email: not available) Research Scientist

Peter Schmidt (email: not available) Visiting Scientist

Dieter Schmalzing (email: not available) Research Scientist

Jennifer Hyunjong Shin ( Graduate Student

Jamie Song ( Research Assistant

Alok Srivistava ( Research Assistant

Shujun Sun ( Postdoctoral Fellow

Sean Sykora ( UROP

Norman Tsao (email: not available) Electrical Engineer

Ya-Huei Tu ( Technical Associate, Whitehead Microscope Facility

Maribel Vazquez ( Research Assistant

Jessica Wang (email: not available) UROP

Michael Way ( Postdoctoral Associate

Joan Q. Zhong (

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