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(UROP Projects)
(UROP Projects)
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==UROP Projects==
==UROP Projects==
[[/Articles of General Interest| Articles of General Interest]]
[[Endy:Translation demand | Translation Demand]]
[[Endy:Translation demand | Translation Demand]]

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I'm currently a sophomore in course 20. When I'm behaving myself, I'm allowed to work in the Endy Lab at MIT. I have links to my UROP projects and 20.109 work directly below.


UROP Projects

Articles of General Interest

Translation Demand

Mitochondrial Engineering

CRI Thailand

20.109 Work

Class projects

20.310 Term Paper

20.310 Project

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Treatments exist for preventive and palliative treatment of sickle cell episodes, but no treatment has yet been developed to mitigate the effects of an attack once it has started. We need a way of dealing with Hbs fibers once they have polymerized. We feel we can develop a treatment for an ongoing attack by addressing the biomechanical basis of the pathology.

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