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Preparation for Next Week's Journal Club

  1. Make a list of at least 10 biological terms for which you did not know the definitions when you first read the article. Define each of the terms. You can use the glossary in any molecular biology, cell biology, or genetics text book as a source for definitions, or you can use one of many available online biological dictionaries. Cite your sources for the definitions by providing the proper citation (for a book) or the URL to the page with the definition for online sources.
  2. Write an outline of the article. The length should be the equivalent of 2 pages of standard 8 1/2 by 11 inch paper. Your outline can be in any form you choose, but you should utilize the wiki syntax of headers and either numbered or bulleted lists to create it. The text of the outline does not have to be complete sentences, but it should answer the questions listed below and have enough information so that others can follow it. However, your outline should be in YOUR OWN WORDS, not copied straight from the article.
    • What is the main result presented in this paper? (Hint: look at the last sentence of the introduction and restate it in plain English.)
    • What is the importance or significance of this work?
    • What were the limitations in previous studies that led them to perform this work?
    • What were the methods used in the study?
    • Briefly state the result shown in each of the figures and tables.
    • How do the results of this study compare to the results of previous studies (See Discussion).
  3. Upload your completed PowerPoint slides to your journal page by the Week 7 journal deadline (you may make changes before your presentation Tuesday afternoon, but we will be evaluating the presentation you upload.)
    • For your PowerPoint presentation, you need to show each of the figures and tables in your article as part of your presentation. Do not have a separate section of your presentation for Methods. Instead, show each of the results (figures/tables) and just explain the methods used to obtain those results on that slide.
    • The length of your presentation should be about 15 minutes.
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