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Georgia Tech and Emory University <br>
Georgia Tech and Emory University <br>
315 Ferst Dr.<br>
315 Ferst Dr.<br>
Atlanta, GA 30306-0363<br>
Atlanta, GA 30332-0363<br>
melissa.kemp at
melissa.kemp at

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The Kemp Lab

Redox Systems Biology at Georgia Tech

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Melissa Lambeth Kemp

Assistant Professor
The Wallace H. Coulter Department of Biomedical Engineering
Georgia Tech and Emory University
315 Ferst Dr.
Atlanta, GA 30332-0363

melissa.kemp at


Research Interests

  • Modeling and experimental testing of signal transduction dynamics
  • Network analysis of protein-protein interactions
  • Thiolation and glutathiolation of signaling proteins
  • T cell activation


1993-97 B.S., M.I.T.
Nuclear engineering with a minor in biomedical engineering

1997-2003 Ph.D., University of Washington

2003-2006 Postdoc, M.I.T.
Biological engineering


PubMed Entries


BME 1300: Problems in Biomedical Engineering I

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