Mesoplasma florum:Sequence Analysis

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Sequencing results for transposon insertion events

Mutant Disrupted Gene Gene's Locus Tag Gene ID Exact Insertion Site ~Percent of Gene before Insertion
T01I0002 beta-glucosidase Mfl011 2898258 After base 15546
T01I0003 sucrose PTS system IIBC component Mfl516 2897720 After base 608314
T01I0004 unknown substrate ABC transporter permease component Mfl159 2898241 After base 179139
T01I0005 putative transcriptional regulator Mfl311 2897948 After base 361284
T01I0006 unknown substrate ABC transporter permease Mfl401 2897807 After base 462568
T01I0007 unknown lipoprotein Mfl158 2897972 After base 173763
T01I0008 tRNA & rRNA cytosine-C5-methylase Mfl195 2898173
T01I0010 S-adenosylmethionine:2-demethylmenaquinone methyltransferase Mfl078 2898239 After base 734780
T01I0011 unknown substrate PTS system IIABC component Mfl619 2897756 After base 100177
T01I0012 membrane-associated lipoprotein precurser Mfl446 2897883 After base 524992
T01I0013 DNA uptake protein Mfl369 2898020
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