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*'''[[User:Jennyn|Jennyn]] 15:15, 27 February 2006 (EST)''': I like this look. How do we get the image to link to the desired link?
*'''[[User:Jennyn|Jennyn]] 15:15, 27 February 2006 (EST)''': I like this look. How do we get the image to link to the desired link?
|- valign="top"
|width=800px class="MainPageBG" style="border: 0px solid #cc3300; color: #000000; background-color: #ffffff" valign="top"|
<div style="padding: .4em .4em .4em">
===OWW News===
[[Image:Oww new logo ideas.jpg|thumb|left|50x50px|[[Logo and Poster Discussion|Possible Logo?]]]]
[[Image:MainPage LookChange.jpg|thumb|left|50x50px|[[Information Management Discussion|New Look!]]]]{{Special:Recentchanges/limit=3}}

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Testing page designs and layouts.

Community News

25 June 2016

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<hide>• Bradley Lab
</hide></showhide> <showhide>Harvard__HIDER__
<hide>• Silver Lab
Church Lab
</hide></showhide> <showhide>IISc, Bangalore__HIDER__
<hide>• Chandra Lab
</hide></showhide> <showhide>Imperial College__HIDER__
<hide>• Kafatos/Christophides Lab
</hide></showhide> <showhide>Marshall University__HIDER__
<hide>• Cell Central Research Group
</hide></showhide> <showhide>MIT__HIDER__
<hide>• Burge Lab
DeLong Lab
Endy Lab
Grossman Lab
Keating Lab
Knight Lab
Lauffenburger Lab
Matsudaira Lab
Sauer Lab
van Oudenaarden Lab
Wittrup Lab
</hide></showhide> <showhide>Texas A&M__HIDER__
<hide>• Hu Lab
</hide></showhide> <showhide>Tufts University__HIDER__
<hide>• Pfeifer Lab
</hide></showhide> <showhide>UC Berkeley__HIDER__
<hide>• Keasling Lab
Francis Lab
</hide></showhide> <showhide>UC San Francisco__HIDER__
<hide>• Voigt Lab
</hide></showhide> <showhide>UI Urbana-Champaign__HIDER__
<hide>• Rao Lab
</hide></showhide> <showhide>Univ of Chicago__HIDER__
<hide>• Pan Lab
Sosnick Lab
</hide></showhide> <showhide>Univ of Delaware__HIDER__
<hide>• Schmidt Lab
</hide></showhide> <showhide>Univ of Virginia__HIDER__
<hide>• Papin Lab
</hide></showhide> <showhide>Univ Paris 5-INSERM__HIDER__
<hide>• Etchevers Lab
</hide></showhide> <showhide>UT Austin__HIDER__
<hide>• Ellington Lab
Emelianov Lab
Suggs Lab

<showhide> __SHOWALL__ __HIDEALL__ </showhide>

Community News:

2/17/06 - Check out the new OWW Calendar. Individual calendars can also be created.
2/17/06 - OWW is now running MediaWiki software version 1.5.6.
2/08/06 - Welcome to all the BE.109 and BE.180 students joining OpenWetWare!
1/30/06 - OpenWetWare is considering a new look. View the ideas and contribute to the logo and poster discussion.
1/26/06 - The default sidebar for OpenWetWare has changed to include quick links to common OpenWetWare resources.
1/15/06 - Pfeifer Lab from Tufts University has joined OpenWetWare.
1/09/06 - OWW received an MIT iCampus grant. Please see this page for more info.
1/07/06 - OWW was mentioned this week in the NetWatch section of Science.
1/04/06 - There will be an OWW steering committee meeting this Friday at 1:00 at MIT (68-574), please come by or sign up to volunteer on the committee if you want to help.

Add events to the Calendar. View previous community news.

This is only a test by taking the most recently uploaded images. :)
Images should be resized initially so that the frames are the same height.
Can manipulate height by using {50x50px} in {size}.
How do I fix this white border around the frame?!

OWW News

New Look!
Picture without "thumb" argument.
  • Jennyn 15:15, 27 February 2006 (EST): I like this look. How do we get the image to link to the desired link?

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