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  • So we're playing around with adding scientific networking to OWW. Scientific networking is like social networking but:
    1. is for scientists
    2. doesn't involve embarrassing pictures of you posted by your degenerate friends (e.g. its professional)
  • We're trying out some software here:, feel free to take a look/sign up but expect it to go down or be changed to something different arbitrarily.
  • Mailing list for discussing nerdbook - sign up here.

Problems with elgg

List things that should be changed based on your experience playing with the existing software.

  • skills list should make tags that automatically do a search of people that have the same skill... (similar to how facebook lets you look at people with the same interests)

Feature requests

List the things stuff that would be specific to scientists that you wouldn't get out of a place like facebook.

  • Equipment -- list of the equipment i have access to (would be highly useful at an institute level network).
  • Skills -- experimental/scientific expertise (useful at all levels)
  • Papers -- would be nice to interface with connotea or citeulike, so people could share papers.

  • Jasonk 14:38, 10 March 2007 (EST): I think it's worth thinking about what would be useful interacting at (a) the lab level (b) the institution level and (c) worldwide.

New name? :)

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