Nikon TE2000 Microscope

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[[Quantitative Microscopy]]
[[Quantitative Microscopy]]
[[How to reduce agarose pad sliding]]
==IPLab Scripts==
==IPLab Scripts==

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CCDD Camera

Digital Imaging with CCD Camera

This page explains why the 60X is as good as the 100X objective for our camera.


Focusing the condenser


We have the following objectives:

Dry Objectives

  • 2X
  • 10X
  • 40X

Oil Objectives

  • 60X
  • 100X

(need to add the other features of these objectives, NA, working distance, etc.)

Filter Sets

I will be uploading the spectra for these in the next few days --Jasonk 17:20, 7 Jun 2005 (EDT)


Quantitative Microscopy

How to reduce agarose pad sliding

IPLab Scripts

Autofocus IPLab Scripts

High-throughput Imaging IPLab Scripts

Movie-making IPLab Scripts


Nikon MicroscopyU is a useful resource for learning more about the optics relevant to the scope.

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