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UROP (Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme) Summer 2014

If you are a registered undergraduate student at Imperial College or at another UK higher education institute and would like to gain hands-on research experience in the Developmental Biomechanics Lab then a UROP (more details here) is a great way to spend your summer. If interested, please email Niamh, explaining why you are interested in doing a UROP. There are options for applying for funding for a bursary during the UROP, as detailed in full here.

MRes (Masters in Research) 2014-15 Opportunities

The Developmental Biomechanics Lab is offering a range of exciting research projects as part of the Department of Bioengineering's MRes programme, which has been developed to prepare Bioengineering students for a research career in bioengineering. The course involves lectures and practical work in the first term, followed by a full-time work on a research project. See more details here.

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