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[http://www.cambridgecancer.org.uk/research-and-support/research-groups/odom-group/=research Lab website at CRI] <br>
[http://www.cambridgecancer.org.uk/research-and-support/research-groups/odom-group/ research Lab website at CRI] <br>
<h3>[[Odom:Contact|Contact us]]</h3>
<h3>[[Odom:Contact|Contact us]]</h3>

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Odom laboratory

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We are located in the Cancer Research UK: Cambridge Research Institute, at the University of Cambridge
Addenbrooke's Biomedical Research Campus. Our research goal is to understand the systems-level
transcriptional mechanisms underlying mammalian cell specification which are often perturbed in cancer
using liver hepatocytes as a model cell-type.

CONGRATULATIONS to Claudia Kutter and Gordon Brown on their recent publication in Nature Genetics!

Lab Members


  • Transcription and transcriptional regulatory evolution in mammals
  • Determinants of tissue-specific transcriptional regulation
  • Origin and impact of CTCF binding in mammals
  • Evolution of polymerase activity




research Lab website at CRI

Contact us

Cancer Research UK
Cambridge Research Institute
Robinson Way, Cambridge CB2 0RE


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