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Michael J. O'Neill Lab University of Connecticut Department of Molecular and Cell Biology


Common Lab Chemical Recipes

The recipes listed here can be found in the grey protocol binder

Church's Solution


  • 20% SDS
  • 0.5M EDTA pH=8.0
  • 1M Na2HPO4
  • diH2O


  1. Mix 35ml SDS and 0.2ml EDTA
  2. Add 50ml Na2HPO4
  3. Bring final volume to 100ml

Note: SDS will precipitate at low temperatures. We have found keeping Church's Solution at 37°C may help in limiting instances of blot disease

Phosphate Buffered Saline

  1. Add 1 tablet per 100 ml diH2O
  2. Autoclave

20x SSC

Recipe to make 4L

  • Dissolve 701.28g NaCl and 352.92g NaCitrate
  • pH to 7.0
  • Bring final volume to 4L
  • Autoclave if necessary

20x TBE-modified

Recipe makes 2L

  • 649.096g Tris
  • 185.24g Boric Acid
  • 37.968g EDTA
  • Bring final volume to 2L

50x TAE

  • 242g Tris
  • 37.2g EDTA
  • 57.1mL Glacial Acetic Acid
  • Bring final volume to 1L with diH2O

20% SDS

200g SDS / 1L Wear mask and safety goggles! Heat to 68°C to dissolve


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