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Outputs of the Open Source Malaria Project

First published project data set
Master List of Chemical Compounds made

Non-publication/data Outputs

Open Source Drug Discovery for Malaria Conference, Sydney, February 2012 (Articles about this meeting: 1, 2)

Short guide to using the Electronic Lab Notebook

Articles/Features about Open Source Malaria

Article by Walter Jessen on Highlight Health 2.0
Guardian Innovations in Malaria

General Resources for Malaria

The Go Fight Against Malaria Scripps/IBM computing project
The Synaptic Leap malaria community
Mendeley group. The Usefulchem Malaria Project

Papers Most Relevant to Open Source Malaria

Original description of the GSK TCAMS set
Evaluation of GSK TCMAS Cyclopropyl Carboxamides
Article calling for more collaboration on global phenotypic screening

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