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Recent discussions

17 September 2014

+      16:52 Talk:20.109(F14): Mod 1 Day 3 Agarose gel electrophoresis‎ (2 changes) . . (+850) . . (Page history) [AgiStachowiak‎; Shannon K. Alford‎]
+ N    09:03 Talk:Wikiomics:EMBO Tunis 1‎ (6 changes) . . (+2,404) . . (Page history) [Darek Kedra‎ (6×)]

16 September 2014

  N    17:34 Talk:20.109(F14): Mod 1 Day 3 Agarose gel electrophoresis (diff; hist) . .  (+304) . . Shannon K. Alford (Talk | contribs) (New page: ==T/R lab== ===Recovery gel=== Here is your recovery gel: Image:TR_Recovery20109_F14.tif Gel Pattern: Purified bkb ; 1kb MW marker ; purified PCR Top Gel (numbers refer to lanes): ...)

10 September 2014

       22:10 (Move log) . . Eung-Sam Kim (Talk | contribs) Talk:Nanobilogy Lab moved to Talk:Nanobiology Lab
  N    15:44 Talk:Courses (diff; hist) . .  (+260) . . Kam D. Dahlquist (Talk | contribs) (asked if anyone knows how to make collapsible sections)

Active topics under consideration

Please feel free to add and remove topics from this list. This is meant as a place for the all OpenWetWare users to organize ongoing specific discussions.

2/20/2007 -- Web of public wiki's
Should we implement a web of independent public wiki's?
2/17/2007 -- Proposed new steering committee positions
Should we create some new steering committee positions?
1/17/06 -- Responding to NSF regarding grant proposal
NSF has a few concerns regarding our grant proposal. Chime in to the response.
11/10/06 -- Image Editor
An SVG image editor embedded in the wiki
11/10/06 -- Protocol Editors/Curators
Is it a good idea to have a named editor/curator for consensus protocols? Discuss here.
11/9/06 -- OpenWetWare Directory
A discussion of how to best implement a directory for users/job-searching/etc.
11/8/06 -- A Nature Methods article on OWW protocols
James Hadfield is leading the writing of a brief correspondence regarding OWW protocols for Nature Methods. Contributions welcome.
10/21/06 -- Copyright licenses for images
Should images be capable of being licensed differently from "regular" OWW content?
10/17/06 -- Should we have private pages on OWW?
We're once again revisiting the topic of controlling access to pages.
10/17/06 -- Protocol aggregation
We're once again revisiting the topic of protocol organization. Chime in!
OpenWetWare T-shirts
We're designing T shirts!
Dynamic ranking of OWW pages via Reddit
We're considering using Reddit to dynamically vote on OWW pages. Would it be useful?
Flexible Science Databases with OWW
A discussion of how to implement/integrate easy-to-make databases within OWW. Expertise needed.

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