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Image:Courses portal.png Welcome to the OpenWetWare courses portal. The page links to some of the ongoing discussions about courses residing on OpenWetWare.
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  • Natalie: Malcolm's paper Image:Macintosh HD-Users-nkuldell-Desktop-1103.pdf offers a nice model for collective educational efforts. I'm not sure there are direct applications to OWW but it's worth keeping Science's educational forum, and a powerful force like Malcolm in mind. I suspect he'd be keeen on seeing the good word/work of OWW spread and would have some great ideas to add if we tapped him. Also, I'd be grateful if you could keep me in the loop with the OWW/OCW connection. They've approached us several times about depositing the BE.109 class material into their bank but there have been logistical obstacles that may or may not still exist. Thanks.

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