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*[ Xml2sql] - MediaWiki XML to SQL converter
*[ Xml2sql] - MediaWiki XML to SQL converter
*[ Mediawiki database layout]
*[ Mediawiki database layout]
*[[User:Austin/Extensions/dumpRewrite|dumpRewrite]] - allows the importing of another mediawiki into OpenWetWare, it can be used to dump an entire wiki, prefix all page titles with Foo/Bar and also rewrite all links such that they point to the correct page name

Current revision

  • OpenWetWare provides public dumps of the wiki data content in XML format
  • The dump files can be downloaded at
  • Currently (January 2007), dumps are being run daily approximately at 4am EST
  • Dumps are made using maintenance/dumpBackup.php with option --full (complete history of every page) and compressed using bzip2
  • Dump does not contain uploaded files.


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