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<h3>Coming soon</h3>
<h3>Coming soon</h3>
[[OpenWetWare:Highlights/eventhighlights|Event highlights]]
[[OpenWetWare:Highlights/protocolhighlights|Protocol highlights]]
[[OpenWetWare:Highlights/protocolhighlights|Protocol highlights]]

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Highlights show the best and most interesting uses of OWW. If you have something to be highlighted, please add to the discussion or join the highlights team

Lab highlights

May: Christophides Lab
July: Crisanti Lab
September: Lab Molecular Genetics
October: Silver Lab

Coming soon

Event highlights Protocol highlights

Highlights archive

4/27 Cool Bio News
4/20 OWW Birthday
3/25 Community Re-Launch
3/24 Open Science seminars
2/25 OWW in the classroom
2/25 Considering a new look

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