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Community portal re-launch

Community Portal re-launch

The OWW community portal recently went through a major reorganization. The community portal serves as the central location for all things that need to be done and discussed on OWW. So if you are interested in making OWW a better tool for all of us, or would just like to see what is being discussed, check it out. For example, we are currently looking to improve our help documentation. Its listed as one of our active collaborations on the community portal.

This story highlights the best of OWW.


Mar 24 06: Launch of Open Science seminar series

Novel uses of OWW

OpenWetWare in the classroom

OWW developments

Considering a new look

Highlights team

Highlights show the best and most interesting uses of OWW. If you have something to be highlighted, please add to the discussion. If you would like to be involved in writing the highlights section (new ideas, writing, editing, reviewing) then please add your name below.

John Cumbers
Jenny Nguyen

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