OpenWetWare:Information management/Standard protocol submission/Meeting - 7/6/06

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  • Template
    • Template needs to:
      • Provide Background
      • Collect diverent versions of a given protocol
      • Allow for comparison of those versions
      • Provide some sort of forum for discussion/comments/questions (see below)
    • Suggested Template
      • Multiple templates for flexibility or maybe several sub-templates so you can pick-and-choose?
    • Template Includes (searchable Keywords possible?)
    • User Friendly (Can we make this template easy to follow?)
    • Print Friendly
  • Categorize/Tag
    • Tutorial on categorizing and tagging
    • How can we best categorize each protocol?
  • Terminology
    • How do we standardize terminology for easy understanding?
  • Aggregation
    • How do we optimize the process/format to maximize the number of protocols we can get.


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