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   <view viewClass="Tabular"
   <view viewClass="Tabular"
         columns=".label, .institution"
         columns=".label, .lab"
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|[[Chen Lab]];[[DeLong Lab]];[[Endy Lab]];[[Grossman Lab]];[[Keating Lab]];[[Alik|Khademhosseini Lab]];[[Knight Lab]];[[Lauffenburger Lab]];[[Lippard Lab]];[[Matsudaira Lab]];[[Prather | Prather Lab]];[[Sauer Lab]];[[Schauer Lab]];[[Stephanopoulos Lab]];[[van Oudenaarden Lab]];[[Wittrup Lab]];[[BE Board|BE Board]];[[Biological Energy Interest Group|BEInG]];[[SAVE Wiki |SAVE]];[[Students for Global Sustainability Wiki |SfGS]];[[MITFlow|MIT Flow Facility]]
|42.36053792387064, -71.09007145677018
|42.36053792387064, -71.09007145677018

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 <facet expression=".institution" />
 <view viewClass="Map" 
       center="40, 0"
 <view viewClass="Tabular"
       columns=".label, .lab"


Lab Institution LatLng
Chen Lab;DeLong Lab;Endy Lab;Grossman Lab;Keating Lab;Khademhosseini Lab;Knight Lab;Lauffenburger Lab;Lippard Lab;Matsudaira Lab; Prather Lab;Sauer Lab;Schauer Lab;Stephanopoulos Lab;van Oudenaarden Lab;Wittrup Lab;BE Board;BEInG;SAVE;SfGS;MIT Flow Facility MIT 42.36053792387064, -71.09007145677018
Tufts University 42.39965240903314, -71.12495555710451
University of the Witwatersrand 26.19278044648975, 28.03047646695849
Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore 12.99680722434742, 77.56823161869931
University of Hyderabad 17.474467, 78.335953
Nanyang Technological University 1.349702969597304, 103.6816891256282
University of the Philippines 14.64871925709237, 121.0636519017243
University of Otago
California Institute of Technology
Smolke Lab, Arnold Lab
34.13678002312675, -118.1252675995744
University of California San Francisco 37.77057255771301, -122.4253213233008
University of California Berkeley
BioPOEMS Lab, Dueber Lab, Keasling Lab, Liphardt Lab, Rabinow_lab
37.86430980502992, -122.285962339715
University of California Davis 38.55246916082545, -121.7431569197535
University of Oregon 44.04544971066777, -123.0728205726698
Oregon Health & Science University 45.49245760657107, -122.8120559130796
University of Victoria
Koop Lab
48.46185377922056, -123.310516967923
University of New Mexico 35.086905, -106.619954
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Hlavacek Lab
35.87439, -106.32845
University of Chicago 41.7895243193402, -87.60116275200926
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign 40.09986909529124, -88.23007658552518
Purdue University 40.41677898748529, -86.93052543373778
Texas A&M
Hu Lab
30.611323, -96.343231
University of Texas at Austin 30.29011707374583, -97.74052435294639
University of Alabama Birmingham 33.50261113831522, -86.80370874803192
Penn State University 40.19701882578909, -76.74437357528828
University of Virginia 38.04131021007502, -78.5105136370701
Johns Hopkins University 39.29094902688986, -76.66233059277029
The Rockefeller University 40.76256087048551, -73.9557236488932
Columbia University
Ratner Lab
40.806582, -73.961678
Brookhaven National Laboratory
STEM Facility
40.87068767827645, -72.88675572332244
University of Connecticut Health Center 41.73953220267904, -72.79448638098449
Brown University
Tatar Lab, Helfand Lab
41.82531808652547, -71.40239803438365
University of Rhode Island
Howlett Lab
41.486463, -71.532154
Boston University
Collins Lab, Klapperich Lab
42.35113462169416, -71.11002768678185
Harvard Medical School 42.33628786767972, -71.10311915051098
University of Bristol
Grierson Lab
51.45856988825544, -2.602497289633318
University of Cambridge 52.20061417429596, 0.1224486718954978
Cambridge Research Institute
Odom Lab, CRI Genomics Core
52.174958, 0.136814
Norwich Research Park, UK 52.6238176312022, 1.22453300992108
Imperial College, London
Immunogenomics Lab, Crisanti Lab
51.49984120201953, -0.1776193962824198
King's College London
Dionne Lab, Liu Lab, Basson lab
51.478354, -0.090643
Parc De Recerca Biomedica De Barcelona
Sole Lab
41.388079, 2.175894
Univ Paris 5-INSERM 48.84661796561812, 2.31603006539389
Gattuso Lab
43.728189, 7.31123
ETH Zurich, Switzerland 47.377241, 8.548672
University of Muenster, Germany
Theilmeier Lab
52.02734780073571, 7.511802335777416
University of Ljubljana, Slovenia 46.06000164762095, 14.51000049245935
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