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Discussion and planning of a representative poster for publicizing OpenWetWare (OWW) at meetings or retreats. Initially, the page just serves to plan a poster for one particular event. Hopefully this poster design could be used again or customized to fit a particular group, lab or institution.


MIT Biological Engineering Retreat, March 2006

Contact Person: Sean

  • Abstract submission due date: 9 March (Fewer than 275 words)

Poster Title and Logistics

  • Note: Maximum size is 42" by 42"
  • Title submitted: OpenWetWare: A Wiki Serving the Biological Research Community (specified authors: OpenWetWare Steering Committee)
  • Poster to be up at all three sessions, sign up to accompany it
    1. Sean


  • Logo
  • Screenshots
    • Please suggest particular pages
    • One class page: BE.109
    • One lab page: Lauffenburger lab
    • One other page: Protocols
  • Information on joining
  • Potential uses
    • Hosting your lab website such that anyone in the lab can contribute
    • Enabling both students and instructors to contribute to course content
    • Access to up-to-date protocols
    • Coordination of research projects (one of the best uses of OWW but also one that is the least attractive to many researchers)
  • Acknowledgements
    • iCampus award
    • BioMicro Center
  • Current members
    • I don't think this is necessary
    • What about examples or "groups from X states and countries"? - SC
  • What's a wiki?/interface display

Poster ideas

Jenny's template for a poster:


  • I like this alot. One way to run the poster would be to have something eye-catching like this up and then have a laptop hooked up to the web in front. So sean (or whoever is there at the time) could take people through the actual site as they explain it. Could also sign people up on the spot :) --JK
  • This is cute. I would potentially focus more on community pages and less on individual lab pages, though. Offer it up as an easy place to host your lab website, but emphasize the merits of the larger community (it takes a village to raise a grad student?).--Kathleen
  • yeah, i agree, you could replace the Endy lab page with the protocols page.

  • Here is version 2. Let me know what you think. This is the 800px version --good for screen quality. I also have one that is 1400x1290px for print. -Jennyn 20:52, 9 February 2006 (EST)
  • OK, yeah, the new version is totally awesome. --JK
  • Very cool.--BC 21:34, 9 February 2006 (EST)
  • Looks great but can we add acknowledgements to our funding sources
    • Microsoft iCampus Project (what's the official name?)
    • CSBi's BioMicroCenter (what's the official name?)
    • In keeping with the graphical nature of the poster we could just put up their logos? iCampus and CSBi, Biomicro may have their own logo but the homepage is down right now.

  • Acknowledgements have been added. I made a couple of slight changes also for aesthetic purposes. Please feel free to provide suggestions for additions/deletions, comments, and the such. -Jennyn 19:36, 10 February 2006 (EST)
  • I like the laptop and signing people up on the spot ideas. - SC

Synthetic Biology 2.0

I think we should also submit a poster to SB2.0.

Poster Title and Logistics

  • Title: OpenWetWare: A Wiki Serving the Biological Research Community
  • Authors: OpenWetWare user community
  • Abstract: Needs work! OpenWetWare ( is an effort to promote the sharing of information, know-how, and ideas among researchers and groups who are working in biology & biological engineering. OpenWetWare provides a place for labs, individuals, and groups to organize their own information and collaborate with others easily and efficiently. In the process, we hope that OpenWetWare will not only lead to greater collaboration between member groups, but also provide a useful information portal to our colleagues, and ultimately the rest of the world. If you would like edit access, would be interested in helping out, or want your lab website hosted on OpenWetWare, please email You can also read more about the benefits of joining OpenWetWare at
    • Austin 16:21, 2 March 2006 (EST): I think we should add that is in fact hosted on OWW and that there's a large synthetic biology community on OWW.
  • Submitter: Since most of the people who are attending SB2.0 are presenting a poster already. We have two options. Email Jonathan directly and/or submit the abstract under perhaps Drew or Tom's registration. Regardless we need an abstract.
  • Poster: We might want to slightly change the poster for SB2.0 to reflect the presence of the Synthetic Biology community on OWW.
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