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Activity overview

image:tick.png = Contacted
image:report.png = Using LN
image:feedback2.png = Feedback


- Likes the possibility of managing multiple projects.
- Likes the calendar. Has no input about the search.
- Noticed a bug regarding the navigation links within entry pages.
- Would like to see "my lab notebook" in the corner link to current notebook.
- Autocreate page via calendar can lead to empty entries (users can't delete pages). Fix please. Fixed
- Likes it but hasn't used lab notebooks enough to provide detailed feedback.
- Likes the templates.
- Will start using the notebook more in the near future.
- Likes it and will try get lab using it.
- Understood the text tutorial but didn't really understand how to create page entries.
- Search worked well.
- Came back after two weeks' absence and liked the video tutorial, one-click creation and now-functional calendar with autocreate.
- Trying to convince lab to use it.
- Would like to see better monthly and yearly views.
- Preview of date entries
- Using the notebook.
- Not sure how to put the search working, as it looks that is not working.
- Great the calendar
- There is any possibility that is not possible to be edited by others, how to control that aspect?
-Will be great if the a table can be created for each notebook that is organized by month and where clicking on month it can see a list of all entries for that month on that specific project.

IGEM 2008

- Would like ability to keep pages open to team only.
- But make them public when required for jamboree.
- Requested list of extensions to mimic OWW on local wiki site.
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