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Interested in helping make OpenWetWare better? Here is a list of new features requested by members of the community. Most of them require no more expertiece then knowledge about wiki-editing to implement, so please help out! If you can't find a project here that interests you, also check out the ideas area or email admin (at) openwetware (dot) org and we can help you find somewhere to help out. Thanks!

Make a "How to setup a lab web site on OWW" tutorial

  • Project page: OpenWetWare:Community development/New lab turorial
  • Project leader: ?
  • Description: It is a bit challenging still to setup your lab page on OWW. The most common mistake is that people will not use a namespace, and then someone will end up explaining it to the person over email / talk page / etc, which isn't really efficient. Think a tutorial here would be a net time-saver. Something similar to Reshma's great OWW.101 course page tutorial.

Make a "How to use the special recent changes extenstion" tutorial

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