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Interested in helping make OpenWetWare better? Here is a list of new features requested by members of the community. Most of them require no more expertiece then knowledge about wiki-editing to implement, so please help out! If you can't find a project here that interests you, also check out the ideas area or email admin (at) openwetware (dot) org and we can help you find somewhere to help out. Thanks!

Make a "How to setup a lab web site on OWW" tutorial

  • Project page: OpenWetWare:Community development/New lab turorial
  • Project leader: ?
  • Description: It is a bit challenging still to setup your lab page on OWW. The most common mistake is that people will not use a namespace, and then someone will end up explaining it to the person over email / talk page / etc, which isn't really efficient. Think a tutorial here would be a net time-saver. Something similar to Reshma's great OWW.101 course page tutorial.

Make a "How to use the special recent changes extenstion" tutorial

  • Project page: OpenWetWare:Software/Special recent changes turorial
  • Project leader: ?
  • Description: This is a really great extension, but is quite hard to figure out how to set it up. In particular, I think more usage of this extension would help labs to get the excitement of seeing their lab mates' recent edits without them being drowned out in the normal recent changes area.
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