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Should we have a 'real' blog available for each OWW user, using wordpress for instance?

  • Jason R. Kelly 09:45, 7 June 2007 (EDT): Austin and I have been discussing this via email, I'm moving it here to get more input.
  • Jason R. Kelly::how hard do you think it would it be to give users blogs through OWW? you think it will be a disaster? Or should I just sign up for blogger?
    • Austin:It depends on what kind of a blog you are envisioning. These are the possible solutions I can think of:
      • each user signs up for a different blogging service. no integration at all.
      • run wordpress or similar and do some kind of integration with oww. You get whatever bells and whistles of 'real' blogging software but it becomes a bit disconnected from the wiki
      • blog on the wiki itself. good integration. The only question is what features of a blog you really want and whether it's easy to implement on the wiki. The basics like showing the most recent posts is easy (e.g Blogs) but Mac says it's not a blog because "it doesn't look like a blog." I don't know what that really means but even if we dewikified it and put some skin on to it e.g. [1] it may still not be a 'real' blog. RSS feeds should be doable using the filtered recent changes. User comments are easily doable if we want to install an extension. Other features I don't know about.
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